Beauty Garden Magazine sends out a very strong message to all black girls around the world

Beauty Garden Magazine stands in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives around the world.

We stand with the people demanding justice for Black Girls and the countless individuals within the black community who have suffered for far too long at the hands of a complacent countries.

We must rise up to resist injustice and to rebuild a future that is rooted in human rights and true equality.

#blackgirlslivesmatter #Blacklivesmatter


11 Special Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day This Year

This year, as many continue to stay at home in the wake of the Coronavirus, celebrating Mother’s Day with friends and family during quarantine is largely out of the question. Mother’s Day will be different this year, but the best Mother’s Day gift ideas still show your love and appreciation for your momma whether you’re staying at home together, or miles apart. In these troubling times, giving mom a call or sending her a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift will add a little brightness to her special day.

These mother’s day gift ideas are sure to bring a smile to her face

1. Customized face masks

Whats your sweet Mama’s favorite color, fabrics choices and size. A nose mask in this Era is an essential. contact BGM’s creative fashion designers ASAP to place an order for your Mum at an affordable fee. Click on this link to get it Now!

Price: ¢49

2. Halogen Oven and a Magic Bullet set from intima Rt

Get these home appliances and many more for your Mum. This will make work in the kitchen fun and easy for your Mum throughout the Covid19 season. Click here to Shop this for your Mum Now!!

Price: ¢259
Price: ¢190

3. A Special Treat from Red’s Gizzard

Order Red’s Gizzard’s special mothers day treat. With the best Gizzard Recipes your mum will ever taste. Choose your packages and place your order now!! Click on this link to place an order for your sweet Mama Now!

4. Authentic/Customized handmade accessories from Nadjoa beads

This year’s mothers day is the right time to place your yourself in Mama’s heart, A custumized handmade beaded accessory, especially one with a written message on it, or oven your mothers name speaks the level of your love for her. Click on this link to Shop this Now!

Price: ¢25
Price: ¢50
Price: ¢50
Price: ¢30
Price: ¢165
Price: ¢25

5. A neat beaded bags from Jenny’s Beads

Get your mum a handmade beaded bag from Jenny’s beads and your mum will forever keep waiting for Covid19 to totally end so she rock it fully to the world. Click here to shop this Now!!

Price: ¢180
Price: ¢120

6. Recreate your mum’s favorite photo with Efokhojo

Get a digital Artwork of your mum’s favorite picture, you can even choose to get it printed and framed with a special heartshaking message on it. Click here to get this for your Mum Now!!

Price: ¢169
Price: ¢169

7. A Pencil Sketched Artwork by Bennor Art Gallery

Get your mum a framed pencil Sketched Artwork of her. This picture below is a pencil work Bennor Art gallery did for Joselyn Dumas. Click on this link to make one for your Mum.

Price: ¢389

8. NB’s Flat Tummy/Weight Loss Tea

If your mum has tried several products to lose some weight and maintain a flat tummy but none yielded any positive results.

I want to recommend NB’s Flat Tummy/Weight Loss Tea for her.

Tap on this link below to order for yours

Price: ¢85

9. The Almighty Human Energy booster ‘Amezcua Chi Pendant 3

The Amezcua Chi Pendant 3 is a highly advanced energy pendant, which boosts the body’s innate intelligence in dealing with the daily stresses of modern society. Now powered by Quantum Field Technology™ (QFT™), the Chi Pendant 3 re-establishes the connection of our human energy or “biofield” with our expressed lives, increasing our body’s natural defences to electromagnetic fields (EMF), strengthening our resistance to stress, and boosting our mental and physical performance, thus contributing to an overall higher quality of life.


Increases energy levels

Improves physical performance

Promotes deeper sleep

Drives quicker recovery from physical exhaustion, e.g. jet lag

Increases immunity

Promotes brain wave coherence

Neutralises e-smog

click on this link to get this for your Mum now!!

Price: ¢3,989
Price: ¢3,989

10. Selorm’s Organic Baobab superfruit powder

The Most Scarce fruit powder your mum need in this critical times and after, to stay healthy.

What does the super fruit powder does? In addition to supplying many important nutrients, adding Selorm’s organic baobab powder to your diet will boost your immune system, aid weight loss, help balance blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation and optimize digestive health.

Click here to Get this for mum Now!!

Price: ¢40 for 400grams
Price: ¢40 for 400grams

11. Exclusive Mother’s Day package by Yummy Kit

Make your mum feel special, order exclusive hamper from yummy kit for your Mum on her special day and you will make her feel very special indeed with a yummy taste made with love.

Price: ¢100 – ¢250
Price: ¢100 – ¢250

TOP FASHION WEEKENDS IN GHANA -charts and percentages from BGM Rankz Survey Responses

BGM Rankz has finally released the most anticipated Survey Report of Ghana’s Fashion weekends that are creating the most captivating and influential fashion moments in Ghana through creativity.

The Fashion Industry in Ghana is generally more desirable than ever since people are now understanding the need to patronize. people are investing in the industry and many opportunities are opening and chances for the young, educated and enthusiasts of fashion are also expanding.

Fashion weekends are classed as a fusion of all fashion activities like fashion shows, seminars, workshops, etc. And should be promoted and enhanced together by all individuals in the fashion industry but most importantly, the various event holders. You have witnessed or heard of several fashion weekends in Ghana but which would you consider the best amongst the rest? which of them turns you on?

Through questionnaires, a short list of the most outstanding fashion weekends in Ghana was accessed, after which a 3 days open survey was runned by individuals in the fashion industry. Producing a Fair chart Ranking of total responses, from each voting categories which were;

  1. Top fashion weekend in Ghana in terms of branding and consistency,
  2. Top Fashion weekend in Ghana in terms of Payment,
  3. Fashion weekend in Ghana Most likely to be recommended to a Foreigner and
  4. Fashion weekend in Ghana considered the best.

See Charts, percentages and ratios of the Responses:

BGM Rankz Chart
BGM Rankz Chart
BGM Rankz Chart

Glitz Africa Fashion Week became the best fashion week in Ghana, most likely to be recommended to a foreigner in Ghana with votes of 23.5% followed by Mercedes Benz Global Fashion Week(17.9%) , Accra Fashion Week(17.5%) and Bryt Africa Fashion Week(17.2%) respectively.

BGM Rankz Chart

Accra Fashion Week became the best fashion week in Ghana in terms of branding and consistency with votes of 34.9% followed by Glitz Africa Fashion Week(23.7%) , Bryt Africa Fashion Week(17.8%), Mercedes Benz Global Fashion Week(14.8%) respectively.

BGM Rankz Chart

Fashion Connect Africa became the Best Paying Fashion Weekend in Ghana with votes of 24.4% followed by Glitz Africa Fashion Week(20.2%) , Accra Fashion Week(19.1%), Bryt Africa Fashion Week(18.4%) respectively.

BGM Rankz Chart

In all Glitz Africa Fashion Week won the overall Top Fashion weekend in Ghana followed by Accra Fashion Week, Fashion Connect Africa, and Bryt Africa Fashion Week with a ratio of 0.31:0.30:0.28:0.25 respectively

According to the survey, most responses was from models followed by fashion designers.

BGM Rankz Chart

This Innovative program was designed by Beauty Garden Magazine and powered by

Khalis Empire
Hypealert Gh
Classic digital marketing inc
EM event Consult
Real Nation Family

Diaries of Blues
Beauty Garden Magazine

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Meet Ghana’s top 9 hottest models :photos

Who are “Glamour models” exactly?
They are our favorite kind of models, the ones with beautiful physiques who aren’t shy of exposing their alluring bodies on the internet.

In Ghana there is a negative mentality about these models even though most people are blown away by their irresistible Works. will you start appreciating them or continue judging?

Here’s a list of the top 9 Ghanaian Glam models by BGM_Rankz:


Deborah Vanessah

Sister Derby really has it all: beauty, glow and charm. Believe it or not Derby is Ghana’s most sexiest. A model/Musician popularly known in the showbiz industry as “the African Mermaid” she’s one of those timeless beauties that just get better with age.

IG: @sisterdeborah

Shot by OAB photography


Efia Odo

Efia is without question one of our most attractive – and talented. A sexy slayer who is extremely confident about her body. Efia Odo, a young Ghannian actress/ presenter / model is popularly known As an active advocate for “embrace your body”

IG: @efia_odo

WoW!! This is why you should go braless…



Another mind blowing hot Ghanaian photo model/video vixen . Shuga is the badda$$ of the game. Her body, curves and confidence will always turn you on.

IG: @shugatiti

Shot by Owusu Quartey


Tilly hipsy

Awurabena Tilly, a young Ghanian photo model /video vixen /entrepreneur popularly known as Tilly Hipsy. Tilly’s photos will Drive you crazy. Tilly is not only strikingly gorgeous but also harbors an impressive entrepreneurial spirit.


Shot by chocolate shot it


Yoni Ahafia

The gents of the industry are also causing a serious stir. Far more than just a nice face and defined body, Yoni is one hot all-rounder. After enjoying an impressive modeling career flaunting his goods on the top runways, Yoni is also popularly known for winning MMWW’18 Best Body (2nd Runner up) and MMWW’18 Mr Congeniality

IG: @yoniahafia

Shot by Apex 360


DeDe Dezel

Dezel is a young tallented model/Entrepreneur, she’s popularly known in the fashion industry as Dezel. her Stunning shots and concepts will always make you want to have a second glance.

IG: @dezelthemodel

Shot by EL Grand Berry



In 2019, Shnell showed off her magnificent body in the music video to Dahlin Gage’s hit “bed time”, and the The public took note. Since then, shnell has become one of the most recognizable faces in the industry. Shynell is a young tallented model/entrepreneur.

IG: @shnell_model
Shot by Lensgod


Akosua Dulcie

Video vixen /model Akosua Dulcie is another Banger. She’s hot, tallented and confident over her body. that’s really it.

IG: @Akosua_dulcie

Shot by One click photos



She’s a young passionate model who is ready to go all in. She got what it takes and slays in a natural flow.